18ct White Gold Ring with 3.27ct Green Tourmaline and Diamonds

18ct White Gold Ring with 3.27ct Green Tourmaline and Diamonds


A beautiful 3.27ct cushion cut bi-coloured Green Tourmaline, set on an 18ct White Gold claw set band. Mounted with a single tapered baguette cut Diamond to each side, totalling 0.4ct (F colour and VS Clarity).

All rings can be re-sized to fit.

Please note: I wear this ring as sample stock. If you would like to buy it, I will get the stones re-set, so it is brand new.

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This Green Tourmaline:

This stunning bi-coloured cushion cut Green Tourmaline is 3.27ct and 9.9mm high x 7.3mm wide x 5.5mm deep.

3.27-green-tour-antic-gem report.jpg


Tourmaline is the most colourful of all gemstones. It occurs in all colours, with pink, red, green, blue and multicolored being the most well-known gem colours

Caring for Tourmalines

It has a hardness of 7-7.5 on the Mohs Scale (similar to Emerald), Gems with a hardness of 6-7 or greater are quite suitable for rings which are worn occasionally. For a ring like a wedding or engagement ring, intended for everyday wear over a period of years, a hardness rating of 10 to 8 is recommended. Warm, soapy water is the best method for cleaning tourmaline. The use of ultrasonic and steam cleaners is not recommended.