18ct White Gold Ring with 3.2ct Blue Zircon and Diamonds

18ct White Gold Ring with 3.2ct Blue Zircon and Diamonds


A vibrant 3.2ct Octagonal cut Blue Zircon, set on an 18ct White Gold claw set band, with pave-set round brilliant cut diamond shoulders, 20 stones totalling 0.25ct.

All rings can be re-sized to fit.

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This Zircon:

This lovely octagonal cut blue Zircon is 3.2ct and 9mm high x 6.7mm wide x 4.8mm deep.

I purchased it in March 2018.


Many people confuse zircon with the artificial diamond ‘cubic zirconia’. Of course, the two are completely different - cubic zirconia (CZ), is a lab-created synthetic material, while Zircon is a naturally occurring gemstone with a very different chemical composition.

Blue zircon is the most popular colour, usually occurring with green pleochroism, which can result in interesting teal-like colours. Blue zircon is actually produced by heating more commonly occurring brown zircon. However, only some brown materials have the appropriate physical structure to turn blue when heated, typically only deposits found in South East Asia - which is why most blue zircon comes from Cambodia or Burma. Blue zircon is one of the traditional modern birthstones for December.

Caring for Zircons

Avoid steamers or ultrasonic cleaners when cleaning zircon, particularly with stones that may have been color-enhanced. Avoid the use of harsh cleaning chemicals or agents, especially bleach and acid. You can wipe down stones using a soft cloth or brush and a mild soap or detergent if needed. Be sure to rinse your stones well using warm or room-temperature water to remove soapy residue.