18ct Rose Gold Ring with 5ct Morganite and Diamonds

18ct Rose Gold Ring with 5ct Morganite and Diamonds


A beautiful 5ct trillion cut Morganite, set on an 18ct Rose Gold claw set band. Mounted with 33 round brilliant cut Diamonds, totalling 0.37ct (G colour and VS Clarity).

All rings can be re-sized to fit.

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This Morganite:

This stunning Trillion cut Morganite is 5.00ct and 11.5mm high x 11.7mm wide x 7.3mm deep.

It was mined in Madagascar and polished in Germany
I purchased it on the 4th November 2017.


Morganite, like emerald and aquamarine, is derived from the mineral beryl. Pink Beryl was renamed Morganite in 1911 honour of the banker John Pierpont Morgan who was a very keen gem collector,

Caring for Morganites

It has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale, Gems with a hardness of 6-7 or greater are quite suitable for rings which are worn occasionally. For a ring like a wedding or engagement ring, intended for everyday wear over a period of years, a hardness rating of 8-10 is recommended. Warm, soapy water is the best method for cleaning morganite. The use of ultrasonic and steam cleaners is not generally recommended, just in case the stone has liquid inclusions or fractures, invisible to the eye.