Buying a jewellery gift

I’ve listened and I understand your trepidation. Buying jewellery for someone can be a daunting task … what if you get the wrong thing what if she HATES it?!

As a graphic designer, I develop brands for businesses, and that has made me very good at identifying styles and tastes that suit an individual, or an occasion.

We should have a conversation about the recipient:

  • what she looks like (hair colour, skin tone, height, build; does she have pierced ears?)

  • what her style is in clothing and jewellery (classic or fashion-forward; subtle or bold; does she mainly wear white, yellow or rose coloured metals; big necklaces and earrings or small, simple items?) - Take a peek into her jewellery box, to help answering these questions!

  • what work, hobbies and pastimes she has (action packed lifestyle, sporty or outdoorsy, if so, perhaps a harder gemstone would be more resilient if pieces are to to be worn in the day)

  • is this jewellery for an occasion? - an anniversary or birthday, or just for being brilliant!

  • Also, what are your budget and timescale?


I’m sure together, we can find the perfect item of jewellery, and if - for whatever reason - it doesn’t quite hit the spot, I am happy to exchange an item in perfect condition for something else in my collection, or even plan a design together!