Star Sapphires and Rubies

Catseye Chrysoberyl

Catseye Chrysoberyl

Star gemstones are spectacular! The Asterism (which means showing a star effect) means that in bright light, the stone appears to have a star floating across it. The effect is caused when light reflects off internal, silk-like inclusions in the gemstone. Rubies and Sapphires are the most common star stones. You can also find Star Garnets and Diopside.

The star effect is similar to the single stripe in a Catseye Chrysoberyl. Corundum (Sapphire and Ruby) crystals grow with six sides and develop six-rayed stars. Garnets and Diopside have four-ray stars. The clearer, straighter and more central the star, the higher the stone’s worth.

Only 11 star emeralds are known to exist (see this article by the GIA), so as much as I love star gems, I think a star emerald will be slightly out of my budget! :D

Below is a short video of my personal star sapphire ring in the sunshine. Here’s a link to the Star Sapphire Ring in my shop!

Here's my star sapphire showing the star that appears in daylight